VFR Flight-Plan / Nav log spreadsheet

FLIGHT -️ April 30, 2012

What is here

Here you can download a macro-less spreadsheet for assistance with VFR Flight Planning and navigation logging.


  • Simple, clear, single page format.
  • Automatic calculation of wind-corrected heading, ground speed and leg time.
  • Optional entry of destinations by longitude and latitude for automatic calculation of track and distance between two points.
  • Fuel consumption helper
  • Radio frequency table with Morse code shown for NAV aids.

Track and distance calculation

For the automatic track and distance calculation feature to work, you must enter each waypoint into the waypoint table. This can be found on the "Places" sheet. The initial heading and distance is calculated based on a rhumb line connecting the two points.


This spreadsheet, accompanying programs and documentation are not guaranteed fit for any particular purpose. Their use for flight planning should always be backed up with other tools and techniques. Reliance on this spreadsheet alone is prohibited. I can't guarantee that it's free from errors or omissions. In other words, you use it at your own risk. Finally, a sound knowledge of VFR flight planning techniques is required to use this spreadsheet, remember Garbage In, Garbage Out.


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