SB9600 / SBEP protocol library for controlling GM1200 radio

What is here

  • An easy to use Python library for controlling and programming Motorola radios using the SB9600 / SBEP interface. Featuring :
    • A SB9600 / SBEP protocol library
    • A GM1200 library supporting :
      • Reset
      • CSQ mode
      • Display control
      • Lamp, Indicator and back-lighting/illumination control
      • Front panel remote control
      • EEPROM operations
      • Setting TX/RX frequencies
      • ... and more!
  • Datasheets documenting some of what's been discovered so far.


I would like to collect information on SB9600 and SBEP messages. We can use this to build new control modules for different radios.

Please leave a comment below if you find this useful or have any feedback.