MPT1327 Trunking System Controller (TSC)

RADIO -️ September 1, 2014

As featured in the August 2014 edition of RadCom - the magazine of the Radio Society of Great Britain


SoftTSC is an implementation of an MPT1327 Trunking System Controller (TSC).

It implements a basic TSC which operates on a single channel and will connect voice calls between radio units (RU).

It works by using your computer's sound card to send and receive, in real time, the FFSK control signals required to control the RU's on the system.

Setting up this system requires some knowledge of MPT1327 systems. The best reference for this is the MPT1327 specification which is available for download, free, from the UK OFCOM website.

What is here

Here you can download a software implementation of a basic MPT1327 trunking system controller.

How to use

You will need a Linux installation to use this software; this software does not yet run on Windows. The instructions in the README show how to get this software running on Fedora 20. If you have a different Linux distribution you'll need to adjust these instructions to suit.

Radio Settings

A big part of this project was gaining an understanding of all the settings an MPT1327 radio uses. The basic settings are listed here.